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Default Re: Ericsson N1014B wiring conversion

I would retain the spade terminals and use a terminal block to connect to a modern lead. Not only would cutting off the spades spoil the originality, you may find it difficult to obtain a good connection between the wires and the plug.

A link to the 2011 thread about wiring and/or a picture of the connections within your 'phone might be helpful for sorting out your wiring if you wish to convert the bell for the third wire (which will be green in your case).

Alternatively, you could simply connect the red and white wires to terminals 5 and 2 of the plug and use the existing wiring, ignoring the green wire. The only problems with doing so arise if other 'phones are connected in parallel: a) you may suffer bell-tinkle using loop-disconnect dialling on other 'phones and b) if it has a 500Ω bell it may prevent ringers from operating correctly by exceeding a REN of 4.
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