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Default Re: First project with veneer - finishing advice

To disguise such bloopers I use Copic Ciao artist marker pens that come in 380 different shades. They do lots of brown colours, I have quite a few in my collection. If you google 'Copic Ciao' and/or the same plus 'colour chart' you'll see what I mean. I use brown 'E37' quite a lot. You can then lacquer (clear varnish) over the affected area. If I have already finished all my lacquering and there's a chip or something, I melt in a drop or two of wax of the appropriate colour. You can get brown coloured wax sticks for furniture repairs. I just hold the point of the stick above the chip, apply a small 'tight' flame to the stick and allow a few drops of wax to fill in the chip or crack. Then, thin layer at a time, I use a very sharp chisel to remove the excess wax. A light buffing and the 'repair' is virtually invisible.
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