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Default Re: First project with veneer - finishing advice

Ah, Steve looks like you've used a glue designed for the purpose and a roller to apply. I initially used an old paint brush to try and spread the thick wood glue as thinly as possible. Like you I did manage to get bleed through on the first piece significant enough to stick some of MDF underneath Id used to clamp in place to it. This sanded away fairly easily though.

For the later pieces I have actually used the same glue and a squeegee sponge to held spread it thinly on the ply, this seems to be working better, but next time I might try a better glue. The only wood work ive done up to this point has been more "rough and ready" building a wardrobe, bar for my shed and bookshelves etc. Never anything that looked that pretty or had fancy finishes, just plain paint.

Tony, I think I'll just press on and see how the staining takes. Like I say I have a few scraps left and have glued to ply for testing, so I can see how visible any glue will be. I was more concerned with glue just beneath the surface I suppose, not visible but affecting the finishing process. Perhaps I am overthinking it. Like Steve's this is a slow burn project due to me needing 1 day per piece of veneer due to constraints on space and equipment. It wont be the best job in the world, but if it turns out OK ish that's good enough for me. The only problem is I have tons of ply and a requirement for project boxes, I can see myself making loads of boxes and veneering everyone now!
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