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Default Re: First project with veneer - finishing advice


I've had success veneering substrates by applying PVA glue to the veneer, allowing the glue to dry, then ironing the veneer on to the substrate with an old electric iron. This reactivates the glue but not to a degree that the glue seeps through the veneer.

This doesn't necessarily help you with you current plight but might prove useful in the future. With regards to the glue spots you could try filling the pores of the veneer with a half pva, half water mix. This will raise the grain which require a light sanding. Try it on a scrap piece if you have any spare. This will, most likely, repel any attempts at staining although I'm not a proponent of staining wood - I prefer to choos a light or dark wood where required - although I appreciate this method was much used to provide a deeper effect. I would then wax the item to whatever sheen you require.

If you don't want to go down this route I suggest careful removal of the glue spots with a cabinet scraper followed by a light sanding. I don't think this would impact too badly on the stain/varnish finish but sometimes you just have to suck it and see.

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