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Default First project with veneer - finishing advice

Iím building a plinth for a record deck, using the motor board I removed from a radiogram. As the 1950s radiogram was walnut veneer, I thought Iíd use plywood and stick walnut veneer on top. Itís the first time Iíve used veneer. I used standard wood glue and applied to the ply sheets, removed as much excess as I could and clamped in place on top of the veneer.

Unfortunately in some small places I can see a tiny amount of glue has bled through to the surface of the veneer. Not very noticeable, but I imagine this will cause me problems when finishing it with some places taking more stain and varnish than others. I had planned to use some kind of grain filler, stain and use gloss poly varnish, but im wondering if the stain will work consistently now.

Any thoughts on the best way to proceed and what finishes might hide this the best? Iím using some scrap pieces to recreate this and will have a go and see how the stain works.

Clearly Iím using the wrong glue or my veneer is too thin or has gaps in the grain..

Itís hard to capture in the pictures, indeed most of the shiny patches seem present on the veneer to begin with, but there are some obvious patches
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