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Default Re: Early Pye Ranger RT

At some point in time, probably during the later Ranger models, the Pye RT's developed a more modern appearance and style that was definitely in place when the Cambridge came out and continued in the subsequent models. But the very early Rangers looked like they came from an earlier era, not totally distant from WWII military equipment. The bean can could pass as something from WWII equipment.

The bean can connections (8) are as follows;
2,3,4 this is the centre-tapped primary, something like 290R per section
5&6 the secondary for the 03-10, around 80R
7&8 the "mystery winding", about 1R on my multimeter (my bridge is stashed way).
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@Wendy - I recall those transformers frequently showing up at the rallies in Leeds in the late 60's, usually demanding prices as much as 1.00 and my first 2m rig also used one.

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