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Default Early Pye Ranger RT

The AM Pye Rangers started falling in to amateur hands in the 1960's, being easily tweaked to run on 2m. There were a number of variants of the Ranger, one of earlier ones using a pair of EL90's (6AQ5) in the modulator, which had a distinctive oil-filled transformer, nicknamed the "bean can" on account of its size/shape, and this hooked up on to the QQV03-10 PA.

Does anyone have a circuit diagram for that modulator or any info on the three windings on the transformer? Possible reasons for the third winding is that it fed back into the modulator circuit for speech compression (or some such) or could it have been used for a public address function (as was the case for at least one other model, i.e. the Vanguard). I'm sure I've asked this question before, but the quest goes on!

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