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Default Re: Leak Stereo 30 Plus

Originally Posted by Whaam68 View Post
That’s great news. Re the lamp limiter if the bulb glows brightly on switch on and stays bright don’t take the lamp out of circuit. Just switch the amp off as there is a fault ….the lamp is glowing brightly as the amp is drawing too much current. If the lamp glows a bit on start up then dims right down you should be good to go to switch the lamp out. Re the pots you just need to see what you can find on eBay or wherever. From memory I bought some larger modern plastic horseshoe types from Dada electronics in the Netherlands. Sometimes you’ll have to bodge it a bit soldering short pieces of solid core insulated wire into the board to make the “legs” long enough. Adapting things is part of the fun unless you are a purist.

Thanks Mike
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