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Most probably a component-measuring bridge. 'Power factor' indicates it's an AC bridge. It could be for inductors, capacitors or both.

Power factor, Q, D (Dissipation factor), Lossiness, Equivalent Series Resistance, Equivalent Parallel Resistance are all different ways of expressing the same thing, power loss in a reactive component which should, ideally, be lossless. Once you know any one, you can convert it to any of the others.

Different industries and fields of electrical science prefer one version over the others, because it makes something easier or more obvious in that field, but it's still all the same thing expressed in different ways.

Power factor is heavily used in power distribution. Q in the RF world.

A bridge would have one pot for nulling to find the reactive component L or C, and a second pot to find the resistive component. Only by nulling on both pots alternately do you find the deepest null.

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