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Default Re: ILP transformers

500 VA means pretty heavy wire and not many turns. Having played with lots of toroidal transformers I would guess it will be very close to 2.5 turns per volt. When changing from 120 to 240 volts primary, use half the guage and twice the turns. Half the guage in CSA ( Cross sectional area ).
As Andy has said, its actually pretty easy. When I make up specials I use a stick shaped like those goobers that fishermen use to repair nets. Its like a dogbone, with the bone "ears " holding the wire that will be wound onto the core. I use paint stirrers or wooden school rulers to make them up.

If you make the dogbone the same length as an average turn on the core, its very easy to manage all that wire without a "spill ".

Thats just a clue if you decide to rewind.

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