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Default Re: ILP transformers

Thanks for the idea Andy. The centre of this tx has been epoxied internally with the centre hole through it. Ideally I would add a second 110v winding to put in series with the existing one but removing the epoxy could be awkward and cause damage to the existing windings.

The tx VA rating should be high enough to use in a 150w stereo Mosfet amp and the secondary voltages are in the right ball park area to give just short of +/- 47vdc. It's just frustrating that it is actually a 110v primary. I'm in two minds now, do I try to add another 110v winding or sell as is and use the funds to go against a tx with a 230/240v primary.

This morning I remembered where this tx came from, it's from a Unimat Puma cnc controller for a robotic arm. So another option might be to try and sell it as an industrial spare part.

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