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Default Re: GPO 232 won't dial.

Something us older Tele comms blokes ( especially those of us who served in Gods Poor Orphans) forget is that a telephone seems a maze of wires etc. But it's a logical maze. We learnt the mysteries at places like Muirhouse/ Chortlon cum hardy and Stone. But to someone new to the innards of a telephone, may I recommend a google for "SAM HALLAS" with reference to N diagrams. These diagrams gave an idiots guide to the wiring of Telephone instruments. The apprentice bible in the old days. First you have to identify the tele by GPO number. You say yours is a 232. To find the N diagram, add 100 to the model number ( how many ex GPO blokes remember this old saying?) ,then look in the N DIAGRAM list for N Diagram 332.
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