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Default Re: Old coil switch thing. Identified as a Ruhmkorff induction coil.

Yes, it's certainly fun - filled the room with ozone yet again!

I'll expect yours to be up and running, producing a stream of sparks with pictures to prove by this time next week at the very latest - no excuses!

The same with David's example. It just needs a bit of fettling (like these things always do) to get it sparking - just so long as the secondary winding is still in tact. I can't remember if I've ever removed the base from either of my examples, but David's example should be fine with that original wiring - it's all spaced out enough not to short out. It looks like it's lined with hardboard, unless it's made of hardboard with a wood veneer on the outside.

It's years since I've 'played' with mine in anger, and I thought that the gap that the spark could jump on the larger coil was bigger, but having looked at the spec. it seems like it's performing near enough correctly, with it being not far off the quoted 30 mm.

They were still being made in that style in the early 60s.
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