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Default Re: Imogen test card generator.

Originally Posted by jayceebee View Post
Wow, that's great news, any idea when you will be taking orders?
Hello John,

I'm impressed by your enthusiasm Truth be told, there should have been a follow-up model years ago. There are working prototypes, but it has always been hard to gauge if there was sufficient demand to justify proceeding. Recently I have decided that I would quite like a new model myself (whether anyone else does, or not!), so I've been fiddling with the whole project again. There are two delaying factors at this point, which are :- a decision on included features vs build cost (hence price it will cost to buy) and, currently, that the user re-programming software is written for Windows PC only and I'm not sure I want to (or can) gear up to support every platform/device people use nowadays. So I cannot give you an expected date at this time, but I will be sure to let you know when there is one.

It's not really appropriate to discuss it in this thread (or forum), but if you would like to drop me a PM, or message via the website, as a research exercise I would be interested in your own "ideal" preferred feature set (405, 625 Mono, 625 PAL Colour, Static/Live Teletext, Other standards - 525 NTSC, 819 Mono, or even 405 NTSC). Every little helps!
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