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Default Re: Are AF11*'s repairable?

Hi again,

I've made a start.

The victi... research subject in question: One red Hacker RP30 Herald, serial 67656. Found to have an oscillator which didn't, cause... you guessed.

I decided to take the transistor apart, but it proved somewhat recalcitrant. I'd definitely got it hot enough to melt the solder, only the 'lid' seemed to be on tight. Eventually I gave up, thinking I'd probably destroyed it anyway.

Once it'd cooled off, just out of curiosity I checked it anyway. My meter claimed there was still a couple of diode junctions inside and there was no leakage from anything to the screen lead. So I tacked it temporarily on the back of the board and... one working Herald. I've since fitted it properly and I'm sat listening to it as I type this.

So, heating the case up melts the whiskers; not exactly unexpected. I'll make a note of what I've done and when and pop it inside the radio. Let's see how long this lasts...

Regards, Kat.
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