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Default Anyone remember the Ferguson FV57H?

I looked online but no comments or forum postings so here goes.

At the Cash Converters I found this deck today, made in 1991, for 10. As it came with the remote and looked tidy I passed over the tenner and scarpered. Well the scarpering did not last long as it was quite heavy...

It is a HiFi model that inside looks a cross between a JVC and a Panasonic. Sort of like a G Deck but with a few JVC bits thrown in. It works but no HiFi sound - heads are fine under a loupe so I am suspecting the capacitors on the power supply (orderd up from Semtec). Bad capacitors in the Panasonic G deck machines kills the HiFi sound.

So anyone remember this deck? Is it a decent one?

All thoughts and input welcome.
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