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Question Uher Royal De Luxe clipping

I'm testing out an Uher Royal De Luxe 10000 I bought last year to see if I can use as a master tape recorder for my mixes.

And I have to say that it was very promising, it really improved the sound of the mix like 🤩👌😘. However, I was not able to push the levels as high as I was used to from other tape machines without distinct clipping that did not sound like it came from the tape, and the playback level was very, very low, resulting unusableble levels of noise, which isn't something I noticed when I played back tapes before.

I suspect it needs servicing. But before I find somebody to service it, I would like confirmation that a properly serviced Royal De Luxe should be able to push the tape hard enough to get some nice tape compression going. This is not a generic problem with these machines, right, that the internal electronics clip before the tape saturates?
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