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Default Re: Which Dremel tool..?

One thing to watch out for is that I usually overdo it with the soldering iron when trying to heat up the first part of the strip. I'm always that bit too impatient when trying to lift the first corner... This always leaves a discoloured area where the soldering iron causes heat damage to the fibreglass. So patience is required here if you want it to look nice. The same applies to the scalpel work. Always use a fresh scalpel and don't press too hard or the scalpel tip will fracture slightly.

It will take some practice to score the lines such that they remain straight and it might be difficult to get two parallel cuts to look straight if they are only 2mm apart. I can see why you considered using the Dremel for this but you would need to have some sort of vacuum extractor with the Dremel otherwise the dust would hide where you were trying to cut. The dust can be nasty stuff as well and I definitely wouldn't recommend using the household vacuum cleaner to scoop up this dust as it will remain circulating in the dustbag every time the cleaner is used around the house. The vacuum extractor I use has a special HEPA filter to prevent the fine particles of fibreglass from escaping out of the dustbag back into the room. However, I vent the vacuum to the outside of the house even with the HEPA filter inline.
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