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Default Re: Tektronix 7623A poser

Originally Posted by tony brady View Post
you may be right as I'm going up and down a pdf...

it's good you have continuity on the unreg +15V but you should also have continuity of the ground from C1193, 1198 & Q1195 back to the power supply ground
I thought that was what I wrote first; maybe it wasn't clear. I checked that the "earthy" ends of C1193, C1198 and Q1195 all went via P1195, P1185 and to P1180. You had me doubting myself, there, so I connected up P1180, which goes to P870 on the A11 Rectifier Board and buzzed-out the earth continuity. Since I haven't unplugged the connections to P870, I think that buzzing-out to the frame of the LV Power Supply verifies the earth continuity.

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