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Default Re: Sound Belle reel-to-reel heads

Originally Posted by jmcilkley View Post
This would make it impossible to play a tape from another machine that did use a capstan for constant tape speed...
Well, not impossible assuming the head orientation is more or less as standard, but it would only be at roughly the right speed for a little while at best As I recall I became aware of the model somewhere around 1970 by way of an advertisement (Exchange and Mart perhaps) from somebody desperately seeking such a machine on which to play some old tapes that had been recorded on one. The two I have must have turned up at auction and/or flea market about 20 years after that, and seemed worth giving a home to for their oddity, but I've still not tried to get either of them running. The motor is a Papst outer-rotor type which looks very like those used in Grundig recorders of the period.
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