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Default Re: Tektronix 7623A poser

fuse 855 for the +130V line is on the reg board above the psu. if you have the upright 7623 you undo 2 screws on each side and the whole heat sink assy comes out ( no need to remove the plastic cover) if that blows the +50V & -50V lines will also be wrong along with the +5V line so I think it's best to find out what is blowing that fuse first before removing the eht module. ( test for a short or low ohms at the output side of the fuse and if you get one look where the +130V line goes and pull off one connector at a time to isolate the area. I think only the Z axis board and the regs at a quick glance)

you can do a rough test on Q1195 in situ
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