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Default Bush flip clock (Bush CR232)

Good morning

I have a Bush CR232 radio alarm clock from around 1974 which I've been meaning to get working for a while now. It all works well other than the clock function. I originally thought it had seized, so I oiled it up and had then realised the wires had been disconnected from the PCB.

I've bought the manual and I think that the wires come out of two holes in the transformer but I'm not sure. There's also a tag strip that's connected to the transformer which could also possibly be the links for the clock, but I'm really not sure. I've tried doing some voltage tests but I think my multimeter is done for as it's only reading millivolts. (I've changed the batteries and tested several things) so I can't work out whether it's suited there or not.

If anyone has a photo or knows where the wires should go (one's white and the other's orange, if that helps) I'd really appreciate the help

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