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Default Re: Any other plug collectors out there?

Patents expire after 20 years, though. The temporary protection is given in return for you promising to share your invention freely with the world in future. (Just wait till spivvy lawyers start offering to help you patent your personal injuries, so the next person who hurts themself the same way you did will owe you money .....)

Getting back to plugs, I had a bit of a collection of the BICC / Legrand "slim, square" plugs in the 1980s; plain red, yellow, green and blue as well as some white ones with branding (BBC and one of the old regional electricity companies). The bold colours looked particularly good side-by-side in the same four-way extension lead! Also some other coloured plugs in a soft thermoplastic, not as bright and more "traditional" shaped, by De-La-Mer. Unfortunately, the appliances to which they belonged have all since been replaced by ones which already had fitted plugs.
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