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Default Re: Question on a bit of theory

Originally Posted by AdrianH View Post
Hello kalee20, I am not going to disagree with you, it was just the formula given is V = L.2I/tr as if the 1 amp was in fact +1 amp to -1 amp?
OK - the general formula V = L x dI/dt is correct.

If the current changes from +I to -I in tr, then the change in current is 2I, giving the formula stated. But they do clarify is as 1 amp peak-peak (which would have to be +0.5A to -0.5A).

The formula in your later clipping, energy = 1/2 x L x I^2, is also correct, this is the energy in an inductor when it is passing a current I. Nothing here about peak-peak, or times! It's analogous to a mass m moving at velocity v, having kinetic energy 1/2 x m x v^2, the factor 1/2 creeps in again.
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