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Superb looking PCB. We will let you try one out and then if it works, you may suddenly find that everyone wants to be your friend.

I see two modules there. One is obviously a USB-Serial to TTL-level converter for the serial download.

The other... a Lithium battery charger / power manager circuit?

Information about the connections of the original display in post #252 on this page:

Some more useful information regarding compatible displays in post #261 on this page:

You can usually use a DMM on its 'Diode Test' range to power and faintly illuminate each of the segments in the display so you can quickly work out all the connections on your display.

Although the original display was 9-digit, the first digit (on the left) is not used on the MK14 so you can use an 8-digit display.

The display which is in my PIC14 was tested in my MK14 first.
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