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Default Re: Fun with 6502 Assembler

A bit off topic ..but relevant I guess.
In the days of writing games for the VIC20...memory was indeed at a premium.
..and to squeeze a quart into a pint pot ..often neccessary to improvise.
3K aint a lot.
I can't remember 61 year old grey matter is fast losing the plot.
..but I do remember making compact routines with dual or even triple functionality by setting variables which were often called after setting tables to modify code on the fly ..considered naughty but in retrospect neccessary.
So for example a routine to move a psuedo sprite would be the same routine that displayed the score ....or scroll part of the background.
Another trick I occasionally used was to load code directly from tape into the screen ram area ..then hide it by changing colours...and providing this area of screen ram was never accessed in gameplay ..was safe.
tricks of the trade I guess ..
Enjoy your coding
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