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Originally Posted by Vintage Engr View Post
In the 1960's there used to be a company (I think in Tottenham Court Road London), called 'Ucan'
They sold a really good one-part crackle paint, that smelt strongly of Naphthalene. It required no special techniques, & was simply brushed or sprayed on.
It produced an excellent hard-wearing finish, that looked very much like that used on RAF equipment.

Does anyone know if there's anything like it still available?

These days it's rattle-cans rather than brush, and I suspect Napthalene has been banned by the Health&Safety/Environmental-people but the current generation crackle/wrinkle paint is still quite strong-smelling of solvents.

Car-restoration places [Frost etc] sell it - it's used on the dashboards of MGBs and Midgets.
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