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Default New long wire AM aerial and switching box

I already have a long wire AM aerial feeding into my house for domestic radio use. Just recently, fed up with inadequate AM performance in my workshop I erected another long wire (it's a big garden) to feed that building. Usual techniques, a long length of insulated wire attached using egg insulators to two tall, strong trees and then down and into my workshop. Once inside the wire has the dual function of feeding a 'permanent' Tandberg stereo receiver setup that I listen to, and also any set that's 'on the bench'. I could have just fed the wire to both, but obviously that's not best practise as it's loading the aerial twice. So I just made a simple switching box using an old RS diecast box that I bought decades ago, as the housing. Ha, so many times in the past I've looked at that box and thought, "I'm never going to use that". Obviously, just a double throw switch inside. It all works fine and I can get Radio Caroline, not brilliantly, but I can receive it (I'm in Rugeley, Staffs). I haven't yet tested the aerial on a known, 'good quality' AM set so who knows, Caroline may even get better, up to listenable quality.
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