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Default Re: 13 amp plug question

Originally Posted by ThePillenwerfer View Post
I accept that allowing an easy inspection of the earth connection is the stated purpose. However, I've looked at several of my plugs and can't see the wire through the hole never mind if it's securely connected.

It seems strange how as safety standards have raised that this feature was dropped.

- Joe
Don't forget that earthing was the 'in thing' in 1947. It was to be the new 'vital' safety measure, and as such, had to be seen to be safe.

Now, a loose earth wire inside a plug is a bigger hazard than no earth at all; and a disconnected earth gives no warning. So naturally, there would have been an inclination to cater for this possible source of discredit.

Of course nowadays earthing is little more than an embarrassment, as far as portable appliances go; and so it is 'played down', with vast tonnage of unearthed brassware openly exposed in every B&Q lighting department. The day of earthing is over; insulation is the new policy.

Even the name of the earth pin has been changed; it's now the 'insulated (of course) shutter-opening device', or some such.
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