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Default Re: AVO Multimeter survey

Originally Posted by SPCh
I am trying to compile an unofficial history of the AVO multimeter

I thought I should bring to your attention , in case you had not seen it, that in response to a letter in the June issue of 'Television' magazine, appealing for information on the history the AVO, a Mr Conrad Edel replied with some extensive information that may be of interest ... in the July issue of 'Television' page 546.

He describes prodution changes and at one point makes a specific warning about Avo 8's with switches mounted on the front plate, urging that one should never be tempted to take them apart as they will be impossible to reassemble. AVO used special tools and jigs for the job.

It would appear that he was actually involved in their production .. to the extent of attributing a mistake on the scale divisions on early versions of the electronic Avo Model EA113 to himself.

He also asserts that the last figures in the serial number are the month and year of manufacture.

He also publishes his email address there. I am uncertain about the netiquette of reproducing it here.
Nevertheless I hope this proves useful.

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