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Default Re: Modeline experiments

Originally Posted by murphyv310 View Post
Just wondering how many have got this to work successfully.
Recently I've been giving thought to how I want to proceed with the hobby itself and am thinking that if I keep just a couple of sets. The PC based standards conversion is really all I need, I have an ex ITV sound and vision band 3 test modulator that is a superb unit and the vestigial filter too so this would be my source of signal for band 3 and my rod pentode modulator for band 1. The PC is a Dell Optiplex 480 and I wonder if this is suitable with the appropriate graphics card?
First up so sorry I have not been active here for a while, been working on the monitor, had a hell of time working out the deflection circuits, I had used them before but was just getting a small raster.

Now on mode line it's really all I need in the lower NBTV range we have other software or low def television, for me on modeline I am now able to experiment above 100 lines.
If we had old 405 line sets here I would use it for this but any thing below 625 I have to convert of make something. I will post up where I am up to today.
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