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Default Re: Ekco ACT96 restoration

The main smoothing cap block (which was long gone anyway) has now been 'replaced' with two 10uF caps and a couple of other similar electrolytics have also been replaced in situ where the contemporary replacements were, but this time they fit nicely.

On examination, the previously mentioned speaker mounting board was only delaminating in one corner and otherwise is perfectly sound. So using a thin knife I applied PVA wood glue between the delaminated layers and clamped it up overnight. It's now fine and accordingly I've remounted the speaker to it and bolted the whole assembly back onto the chassis and reconnected all the associated wiring.

Turning to the rotten aerial coil assembly, I have now removed one of the wooden side cheeks and what a mess it is! Anyway, it's going to be a long job but I'm optimistic about using the original coils by accurately drilling the new side cheeks to accept the coil mounts and transferring the coils over. The aerial comprise an inner coil (or coils) of insulated wire, and an outer 'wrap' of flat copper.
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