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Default Re: Ekco ACT96 restoration

Thanks David. I already have printable sticky sheets, I used them to experiment with dial scales for an AC74. It all worked fine apart from the sheets having a blueish tinge that made it unsuitable for the AC74 dials - and probably in this case too! I have the PDF of the ACT96 dial scale, but it's the cream background that's the problem. But as per a previous post, cream coloured printable sticky sheets are available, so both issues should be solved with those.

The restoration is ambitious, but quite 'do-able'. I'm surprised how a few hours each day has brought the restoration on in leaps and bounds. In my case I'm quite happy with the rust specks on the chassis being neutralised with Kurust, a purist would have stripped the chassis down and repainted it etc.

I'm presently blackboard black painting the new aerial side cheeks in preparation to swap them with the rotten ones. In that respect I was wondering how to swap the large rectangular coils of wire (or copper tape as I think they are) onto the new side cheeks. I have devised a cunning plan. It seems the coils are wound onto six 4BA bolts spaced at each corner and along one edge of the formers. I will sharpen the protruding threaded ends of the bolts and place the new former on top, then tap down with a hammer at each corner. This will leave drill hole impressions on the new former. One side of the old former will be removed, and a new one put in its place. I will repeat for the other side. I wonder if it will be as easy as it sounds?!
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