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Default Re: Ferranti TC1004. Baptism of fire.

A nice chassis to start with and FM radio that works quite well. You may find service information easier to find under EKCO model T311 who produced all Ferranti models from 1956. There are also some Ekco threads in the search section. They are all very similar from 1954-61.

Is the top of the line output transformer in good condition? The 'plastic' case breaks down around the EHT rectifier terminals. Replacement cases are easy to fabricate from Perspex or Paxolin.

Regarding the CRM172. A CRM171 will work fine. It does not have an external coating but will be OK. You can also use the Mullard MW43-69 aluminised or MW43-64 non aluminised. The neck is slightly fatter but the scan coils should slide over OK. John.
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