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Default Re: Revox A700 - A15 Board layout (old Style)

Originally Posted by Chris55000 View Post

I recommend anyone wishing to service any valuable piece of vintage equipment (and certainly something like a Revox with over twenty individual PCBs!) – invests in one of these:–

I have one at home myself and have no problem getting components out of double–sided and plated–thro' modern equipment PCBs with this, including all standard DIP devices, I feel the investment in one of these by the OP will prevent a great deal of damage to the boards in the Revox!

Chris Williams
YMMV, but I bought one on this recommendation and it's . It worked initially and then the bit oxidised to the point where it wouldn't melt
solder. Should have known - it's out of the same factory as the soldering station which failed on me. It's going back whence it came. Something along these lines which actually works would be a great asset, but don't waste your time with this.
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