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Default Kenwood TK2180E

Continuation from here:
Over the past year I have randomly tried to get this hand held working. The CHIRP software recommended didn't appear to work as it was not compatible with a TK2180. I have done many Google searches with different questions and up until recently there were no useful answers. Then I came across one site that said that the European version of the TK2180 needed the KPG 92 version of the programming software not the KPG 89 which I had been using. Still being sceptical I didn't want to pay the Kenwood price for the software I looked for a free download. I did find a site that had it for free, just register. This I did and downloaded the zip file. This was extracted and run. Firstly when it asked for the model number there were a number of different suffixes to the main model number, the KPG 89D did not have these choices. Selecting the correct suffix and , with the radio connected to the port I selected 'read data' Success the radio was interrogated and its data displayed as it should. I then added a new transmit and receive frequency in the 2m band (145.525MHz) and told it to download the now file. Result a new frequency programmed into the radio.
So the radio is now talking to the programming software, I now need to study the user manual to find out what it can do and then programme in a load of 2m frequencies.

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