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Default Re: Using Canned Air For Removing Dust

Originally Posted by kalee20 View Post
Personally I prefer suck to blow. Paintbrushes plus vacuum cleaner.

This will remove the majority of the dust, without spreading it everywhere in the vicinity! After that, if necessary, the compressed air comes out. Great for cleaning air-spaced tuning capacitors, but watch the pressure!

As to canned air, I have never used one, so can't comment. Less than the cost of a dinner out, though!

Yep, me too. Don't take dust inhalation lightly - as has been mentioned elsewhere it's not dust that carries you off but what the dust carries that might. Having repaired power supplies that are used in a variety of industrial concerns, I wouldn't dream of blasting the dust out with a compressor - you often have no idea what you would be breathing in - it's simply not worth the risk IMHO
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