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Default Re: Using Canned Air For Removing Dust

Don't use a domestic vacuum cleaner that you would normally use around the house for sucking unknown muck and dust out of old radios.

Radios could have spent years in unknown environments such as interwar and post war council houses that have had asbestos cut, drilled and removed in circumstances that wouldn't be allowed today - and guess where all the dust and nasty stuff ends up....

If you must use a vacuum, then use a dedicated one that remains out in the shed and is labeled to state its use.

The filtering in a domestic vacuum cleaner will NOT filter out the harmful dust and potentially dangerous other stuff. The output vent will blast it, unseen, around your entire house. Why take the risk of developing some incurable lung disease twenty years down the line, even if you don't care about yourself, consider your loved ones that are in the house with you. My house is full of dust, but I do know that it ain't blown out of old radios etc.

I only ever 'blow' and I do it outside well away from the house and with a long wand on the output of the cleaner, standing up-wind and preferably when a neighbour isn't standing just on the other side of any nearby fences - a dampish day is also better.

So to sum up - NO vacuuming with a cleaner that you're going to be using in the house the next day. I suppose something like a Dyson could be washed out to decontaminate it and its filters removed, bagged and binned, being replaced with new ones before re-use around the house.
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