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Default Re: Philips to close last UK Factory.(Glemsford)

I suspect that some of the demise is due to making junk products. Around 25 years ago I bought an early CD burner (a CD2600 I think) which could supposedly read at 6-times speed, except that it couldn't. More than 2x and it just produced errors. Around the same time I bought an answering machine. A wonderful thing which did everything apart from actually answer calls. It turned out to be a manufacturing error. You could send them back to Philips to be fixed free of charge, but mine was in the bin by than. I vowed never to buy another Philips product and I never have despite sometimes tempting prices.

Having said that, hotels in France always seem to have Philips TVs in the rooms so I assume Philips have some special agreement with the hotel industry here.

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