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Saw many of these when i was doing my apprenticeship at Rediffusion. Easy Chassis to work on; fairly tolerant of whether a PL509 or a PL519 was used in the line output stage. On the 22/26 inch EHT Tower you could tell when the valve had gone Heater Cathode short as the small electrolytic acros the Cathode bias resistor went off with a bang. frightened the life out of customers. Word of advice. if you find that the low voltage electrolytics on the RGB panel need replacing (these were rated 50v on some boards) don't be tempted to use Tantalum caps as replacements. The bang when they fail is ****** loud. Before a mod came along to correct the issue; the Sylvana Delay lines on the Decoder board sometimes did an odd thing to the wane =form. And they could also "ring" from time to time, considering that they were mostly made of a large chunk of glass, the worked well enough.The moddle pictured usually had the prefix CU then the size of the screen and the last two digits were 10. (CU2210 fo example). The one with the Black cloth speaker covers were sometimes branded Doric. The black plastic fronted sets were CU2213 and CU2613's.
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