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Default Nearly silent output from vantone reel to reel machine

Recently picked up this reel to reel recorder from eBay:

I'm aware this is almost little more than a toy, but I wanted a small portable reel to reel to mess with on the cheap, so this seemed perfect. On arriving I cleaned it off and got it running pretty good, however I've found that both the internal speaker and headphones play the audio so quiet that it's barely perceptible, and it took me some intense listening to hear anything but static. However the audio does seem to be there, so I'm wondering, what could cause it to be this quiet? I cleaned off the heads and I checked it wasn't the tape, and on looking inside it I don't see any huge issue with any of the caps or components there. Is there something that would cause this to look for? Any help appreciated, thanks

Edit: there's also what seems to be a grounding wire(?) Connected to the headphone and mic jacks, the green and black cable visible in the photos. I'm using batteries so I doubt this is the issue but I'm not that well versed in hifi so might be part of the problem, I'm not sure
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