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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Hi Frank,
Suddenly the penny dropped:- I though the device chain error message was concerned with the blaster hardware but of course, there were two devices shown on the screen. I deleted one of them and then it all worked fine. As soon as I looked at the screen after posting the above picture, it was obvious!

"programmed 100% successful" it says.

Now when I power up the dev board, the three LED's flash at different rates.

I was confident I would get there in the end and I have to say I'm dead chuffed, so I'm going to give myself a It may not seem much to the computer literate, but doing things at command line level in Linux has been a steep learning curve for me!

Huge thanks to Frank, Stephen & Silvered Mica for the help & suggestions

Conveniently, the modulator IC's & hex switches turned up today. These are the only remaining items to fit to Hedghog No1, so maybe by tomorrow night I will be in a position to test it!

All the best
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