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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Hi SM,
Thanks for your input.

My programmer has ended up at:


Right clicking on the 'quartus_pgmw' icon in the file menu does not bring up a 'open as administrator' option, sadly.

Before being able to run the programmer with 'root' privileges, (which I think I can fathom out how to do), I think I need to be able to run it from a terminal window.

Despite spending an entire evening and lots of Googling, I can't get it to run from terminal. If I could, I could become 'root' before I ran it!

Sadly, this has become a Linux problem (or rather my inability to understand how to use it) rather then a Hedghog one!

The bottom line is that I have the correct software installed on the computer, but I can't work out how to run it with administrator privileges so it won't communicate with the blaster properly.

Many thanks
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