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Default Re: Hedghog standards converter

Originally Posted by Freya View Post
is the blaster shown correctly in device manager.
Hi Stephen,
There doesn't seem to be a direct equivalent to device manager in Linux (according to Google). The nearest I've got is 'lsusb' which does list all the USB devices including 'Altera blaster'. So it is at least detecting it as something.

Hi Frank,
Googling "quartus jtag server error 89" returns some results.
It appears to be an error associated with the USB ports under Linux.
According to my researches, this would seem to be the case. I found the following relating to USB blasters.

"Quartus® II software does not need any specific usb drivers on Linux to access the USB-BlasterTM and USB-Blaster II download cable. By default, root is the only user allowed to use these devices.You must change the permissions on the device files before you can use the USB-Blaster or USB-Blaster IIdownload cable to program devices with Quartus II software.

The programming software is not installed in the root directory (as far as I can tell ) so does not have the correct permissions.
Going into 'hardware setup' in the Quartus software reveals 'incorrect permissions' under the USB blaster.

I think I now need to work out how to assign 'root privileges' to the blaster software.

The problem with Linux is that it's not designed for people like me who don't really know what they are doing.

I'll keep plugging away at it though....

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