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Default Re: Best 100MHz analogue oscilloscope?

Originally Posted by 6AL5W-Martin View Post
I like to say the best 100MHz scope is a 200MHz scope (or faster),
this means also the both probes. So your unit works at 100MHz not at the end of the street

Tek 475 will do that, or one of the old 7704 frames with 7A26

I write this while next to an R7704. It's probably my favourite scope, but the fan is incredibly noisy! (not sure if the non-R is as noisy?). The R variant is also famed for being difficult to service, so I am hoping mine doesn't give up the ghost!

I also second the Hameg suggestion - they just keep on going. I would also check out Trio / Kenwood - they tend to be supremely reliable, and have a sharp trace.
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