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Default Re: Best 100MHz analogue oscilloscope?

the Tek 2245A which is 100MHz and 4 channels is quite nice to use although 2 CHs are only really for logic levels.

I got a 2445B as a non worker, plugged it in and switched it on and was delighted with the bright display before the Rifas said no ( I know I should have checked first but there you go) I changed the Rifas but still have to fix the original fault. it's only got 200 hours run time on it ( ex mod) so it will be nice when it's done. frequency counter on CH1, cursors etc.

I got a 2232 which is rather nice for 100 quid. analogue 2CH but with basic ( these days) digital storage. drives like a 'real' scope. another bargain was a TAS485. 4CH 200MHz but menu driven. the only problem with all these scopes on a day to day basis is the fan noise...
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