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Default Re: Best 100MHz analogue oscilloscope?


If you're happy with an ordinary plain vanilla analogue one, why not get another 465 or 465B ?

Admittedly the internal access and repair is grotesque, but there's tons of spares and I'm sure other members'll be able to come up with spare bits!

(I appreciate it's a bit morbid to say so, but they do come up from time to time very cheaply, often when an amateur or hobbyist with one unfortunately passes on, these often go a lot cheaper than the silly overpriced offerings by T & M or commercial vendors! That's how I got many of my cheapie ones in my collection!)

Performance wise, the triggering on the 465/465B is excellent, they have a very bright, (altho' not the finest of traces as they use an expansion–mask CRT), most of the circuitry is well known, understood and reliable!

Items likely to need replacement are:–

a) Power Supply Electrolytics on Main Board A4, special little Adapter PCBs are now offered by various sellers to allow the fitting of standard 10 mm pitch PCB electrolytics without making a mess of the original PCB;

b) Attenuator leaf switches need cleaning, the procedure has been documented on here a number of places;

c) Overloading the inputs can damage the little plug–in DIL format attenuator modules, but these are used in a number of Tek 400 series and 7000 series scopes, I believe members can supply a few spares!

The 465B is the better of the two as this meets the 100 MHz bandwidth easily with a bit to spare, the earlier 465 doesn't always do so!

Chris Williams
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