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Default Re: MK14 Programming Interface

Originally Posted by DeltaAlpha52 View Post
Hi all been a while since I've been here - but the MK14 has now come to the top of my project list again.

Would like to replace my veroboard version of the keyboard programming interface so is there any PCBs left? and is the design files available for changing - i.e. to plug into the Arduino interface.
I do have a number of PCBs left over.... If you want to send me a self addressed and postage paid padded envelope DM me and I'll give you my address and send you one for free!. The envelope will need to be big enough to take a 80mmx60mm pcb with postage for a weight of ~40g. Unfortunately at the moment I am not in a position to get to the post office to post items but I can get them dropped off into a postbox!
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