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Talking Re: KB FB10 'Toaster'

Thanks for the info Darren. I think I'll pick out the remants of paint (which could be someone's previous botched attempt to change the look). Interestingly my control slider is in black whereas yours is brown. Mmmmm. Yet more differences.

Thanks too Ed for your info - I must confess I never knew that one.

As regards the caps, yes I did them myself. Actually when I started this particular set I didn't think that I would go the whole hog like this, but having found some caps that I'd done for other things previously, I thought I'd go for it.

Some time back I looked very closely at the TCC caps that were in a TV22 and a DAC90A and I carefully did some artwork on the computer to mimic the exact font, size, positioning and actual words. I measured up the original cap and made label strips that were the correct size (including the line down one side of course). I print them on creamish/brownish paper, wrap them round the modern cap (using Pritt Stick to fix it) until the diameter is correct (doesn't matter if the ends overhang the cap inside), then dunk it in wax (boiling up on the stove). Actually I found that the temperature of the wax is pretty critical. I seem to get good results if I put the pot of wax into a salt-saturated pot of water - just the ticket. 3-4 dips (alternating the vertical direction) does the job nicely. I use orangey-coloured wax (from the Pound shop) - smells a bit though 'cause it's scented!!

Thanks for your thanks though. It does take time and effort, but I think it's worth it.

Thanks again everyone. Just got to sort the case out now (it's got a crack in the rear and a chunk missing near the tuning knob). Not sure quite what to do with it just at the moment but no doubt I'll sort something out.


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