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Default Re: Using Bellset 41 with a Candlestick 'phone.

There is no induction coil and the instrument's worked seemingly quite alright without it. The nuisance is that almighty click in the receiver, which I don't think is down to there being no induction coil?

The terminals in the No.41 are difficult to cross-refer to those of Bellset 1A, which is relevant as that latter is what the 41's trying to operate as. I'm not even sure where to connect a 3.3K resistor although, again, it's seemingly been fine without one.

The linecord is a non standard one. With BT colours in brackets it's connected Black (white) to T4, Red (Green) to T9 and Yellow (Red) to T7.

The telephone cord is connected to T4, T7 and T9 but it's difficult to tell which wire is which.

The bellset apparently began life as a No.1. On the rear it has the crossed out markings 'GPO (something illegible) No.1'. Below that is '41 FHR 54/1' so presumably the conversion was done in 1954.
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